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Let us answer your questions about Model T for Sale today, we have two Model T cars and additional car parts for sale. These are two great options and we would like them to go to the a great owner.

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Sometimes, you just want to communicate with a real person. Reach out to Model T For Sale to learn more about any of our available Model T motorcars. We are happy to answer any questions or give you a more detailed history concerning the ownership and restoration of our antique automobiles.

At this time we have two collectible automobiles available for purchase. There is a 1920’s Model T Runabout with two seats, and a 1920’s Model T Touring with 5 Seats.

We love the rich history of the Model T, and want to share it with new generations of car collectors. Feel free to call us at (612) 444-7395, or you can fill out our information form at your convenience. This will send a message to us and we will respond directly to your inbox.