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At Model T for Sale, we are passionate about car collection and preservation. We love the rich history of the Model T, and want to share it with new generations of car collectors. Call now for more information about our available selection of Ford Model T motorcars.

What to look for in your Model T

When it comes to antique automobile collection and restoration, it’s important to know what you are looking for. What features would you like? Will you prioritize originality or performance? Here are some things to keep in mind when considering the Ford Model T.

Features by Year

The Model T was produced for 20 years, and some variations and innovations were introduced during that time. Here are some dates we believe are important. Before the year 1912, the body would be made of wood. These are known as ‘brass era’ models. The Model T came only in the color black after the year 1914. In the year 1915, electric headlights replaced the lamp-style headlight, and there was now a passenger door. In 1919, the electric starter was added, with 6volt batteries and generators. In 1922-23, the body was likely made from Vanadium steel alloy. Finally, a 1926-27 Model T has an all-steel body, which is the heaviest Model T ever produced by Ford Motor Company.

Colors and Styles

The Model T was produced in several colors before Ford went to all black for streamlined production in 1914. These include red, blue, green, and gray. There were also a number of body styles over the years. Model T’s were even produced as farm and utility vehicles, or sold as a bare chassis. The Touring style had five seats, the Runabout had 2 seats, and the Town Car had 7 seats. Original upholstery will be rare and is likely one of the first
things a previous owner has replaced in any antique automobile.


An original Ford Model T has a top speed of 40-45mph and about 20hp. Consider running the engine for a while to test the cooling. Most Model T engines are cooled by thermosiphon. Check the shape of the radiator tubes. Flat tubes cool more quickly than round ones. Even if you are looking at a model with an electric start, test the crank start. Check the electrical to ensure everything is properly secured.


The Model T is a great collectible automobile because, despite its age, parts are still widely available. If you are trying to recreate an authentic Model T, spare engine parts can be purchased or produced. This is unusual for an antique automobile, but the Tin Lizzy has stood the test of time. Contact us today to ask about our current Model T Fords for sale.

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