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Ford Model T

The First global car

Own a Piece of History: The Model T


In the fall of 1908, Ford Motor Company introduced the motorcar that would put the world on wheels: the Model T. This innovation revolutionized both the transportation and manufacturing
industries, making the Ford Motor Company an industrial powerhouse.

The Model T was manufactured by Ford for almost 20 years. It was offered as a touring car, a Tourabout, a Runabout, a Town Car, a Landaulet, and a Coupe, with other options such as open and closed bodies, and even a bare chassis. A one-ton truck was introduced in later years

Pioneering Mass Production

Henry Ford was determined to produce a motorcar that was affordable enough for anyone to own. He succeeded through the further development of mass production and the assembly line. Ford was famously quoted as saying “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

Originally, the Model T was not even available in black. Henry Ford made the switch to all black in 1914 as part of his plan to bring down the price. It was a great success, and millions were produced before the discontinuation of the classic Model T in 1927.

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What We Do at Model T for Sale

Here at Model T for Sale, we are passionate about car preservation and are located in Minnesota. We have been restoring classic cars and we have two models available to someone that would like to preserve and maintain the cars.

We are looking to find the right collector, interested in Model T Fords. At this time we have 2 separate Model T motor cars available for purchase. There is a 1920’s Runabout, and a 1920’s Touring. These Model T’s are in different stages of restoration. Call for more details.

The Ford Model T Was an Iconic Automobile

Not only was it the first of its kind, the Ford Model T was also a great looking automobile. The two-seat Runabout model was fitted with storm curtains as protection for all-weather driving. There also was a large rear compartment for extra luggage or business samples in later models.

The Model T was so common that it became a part of American popular culture. It gained nicknames like “Tin Lizzy” and “flivver”, and was the subject of songs, jokes, and was even featured in early films.